Sports massage

30 minutes      60 minutes

     £40                 £65

Deep tissue 

Using our current knowledge in sports therapy, sports massage is the most advanced  form of massage combining a multitude of techniques and therapies. Don't be fooled by the name, non-athletes can benefit from it too.

As the name implies, stronger pressure is applied targeting deeper muscle structure. Recommended for people used to massage

30 minutes      60 minutes

     £35                   £60

Swedish Massage

Widely used all over the world, Swedish massage always succeeds to de-stress and alleviate aches and pains

30 minutes      60 minutes

     £30                 £55

Hot candle massage

This very relaxing treatment provides relief to tired muscles, de-stressing body & mind. Aromatheraphy essential oil with hot candle is used based on the desired outcome. Choose from; Calm, Frangipani, Warming Candles.

     60 minutes


bhf signature treatment

A unique head to toe treatment using luxurious essential oil getting you ready to face the world 

      60 minutes


Treatments duration can be scheduled to your requirements.